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California Statewide OBD Smog Check Inspection System (BAR-OIS) Implementation:

Beginning March 9, 2015:

1) Smog Check Stations must use an OBD Inspection System (OIS) to test the following vehicles: 

  • 2000 and newer model-year gasoline powered vehicles (unless over 14,000 lbs. GVWR or those without an OBDII system).
  • 1998 and newer diesel powered vehicles (passenger cars and trucks).
  • All hybrid vehicles (previously exempt from smog check inspections).

2) The BAR-97 EIS smog check analyzer must not be used to inspect the above vehicles, just like      before.

3) All STAR certified smog check stations are required to have an OBD Inspection System (OIS), in addition to the regular smog check analyzer. 


What is On-Board Diagnostic Systems "OBD II" ?

Answer: On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII) is a term used to describe a vehicle's computer system that controls the emission control system. The OBDII system includes self-diagnostic and reporting functions. Most 1996 and newer vehicles that are less than 14,000 pounds GVWR (e.g., passenger cars, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles) are equipped with an OBD II system.


What are the benefits of OBD II on your vehicle?

Answer: The OBDII system on your vehicle monitors the vehicle's emission control system performance and notifies you when there is a problem with the vehicle that will cause an increase in air pollution. This system has the ability to alert the driver of a problem using a Check Engine light (also known as a Malfunction Indicator Light, or MIL) located on the vehicle's dashboard. Your vehicle's OBDII system also stores important information about the emission control system and any detected malfunction that will help to identify and repair the problem. Early diagnosis and timely repair will improve air quality, your vehicle's fuel economy, and will prevent major repair bills in the future.


Will my car receive an OBD II test?

Answer: If your vehicle is 1996 and newer, then it is equipped with OBD II system and will require an OBDII check as part of the official Smog Check inspection (which includes a visual, functional, and a tailpipe inspection). If your vehicle is 2000 and newer, it will only receive an OBD II test (BAR-OIS) and a visual inspection. There is no tailpipe inspection of a 2000 and newer vehicles.


Will my vehicle pass the new BAR-OIS test?

Answer: The following list includes possible reasons why a vehicle may not pass the BAR-OIS inspection:

  • The vehicle's check engine light (malfunction indicator light - MIL) is on or flashing. This light comes on when the OBDII system detects a fault with the emission control system.  Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) typically accompany an illuminated check engine light.
  • The check engine light fails to illuminate during the bulb check. When the key is turned on and the engine is off, the bulb should turn on for a few seconds to prove that it is working and turn off when the vehicle is started.
  • A number of monitors are "not ready." This means the vehicle has not had the opportunity to complete one or more of the required self-diagnostic checks of the vehicle's OBD system. All of the monitors have to be ready in order for the vehicle to pass the inspection. This means the vehicle's on board computer has checked all of the emissions components and there are no problems detected.
  • The vehicle fails to communicate with the OBD inspection equipment. This failure is typically caused by a vehicle design defect, wiring, or damaged OBD under dash connector.
  • The OBD data retrieved from the vehicle does not match what is expected for that vehicle. Plugging into an incorrect vehicle to perform the OBD inspection, or a tampered OBD system, can cause this failure.

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