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The Visual Inspection

During the visual inspection portion of the smog check inspection, the technician checks your vehicle to ensure that all of the emissions components are present and properly connected.

Let's learn about the visual inspection.

During the visual portion of the smog inspection, the smog technician or mechanic will be looking for the presence and proper connection of several State of California required, emissions components. The visual portion of the smog test will include a Visible Smoke Test as well.

The smog technician must locate and verify that all emissions components are present and properly connected. Along with emissions components, the smog technician will also be looking for any defective or disconnected electrical connections, vacuum hoses and/or any pipe or plumbing which would effect engine performance and ultimately increase harmful smog emissions.


Make sure that your vehicle does not have any modifications or aftermarket components that are not approved by the vehicle manufacturer or C.A.R.B.  If you see any broken hoses or defective components, have them repaired before the smog check inspection.


Vehicle Smoke Test

Vehicles subject to a smog check require a visual inspection for excessive black or white smoke being emitted from the exhaust, and ultimately, the tailpipe.

This test is in addition to the tailpipe emissions test. The smog technician will be required to enter his/her observation into the smog machine after the emissions test portion of the smog check.

Excessive smoke, either black or white will cause a smog check failure. If your vehicle is emitting visible smoke, you will need to have the fault diagnosed and repaired before it can pass the smog check. Vehicles with severe engine damage may be emitting smoke from the engine compartment. This too will cause a visible smoke test failure.


Make sure that your vehicle is at proper operating temperature before your visit our facility for a smog check inspection.  If you observe any smoke from your tailpipe or engine compartment, have it repaired before the smog check inspection.

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